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KRIT LTD is one of the first construction companies in Bulgaria and has strengthened its position as one of the biggest and most stable in the sector.

The company was founded in 1993 and has completed 30 sites in all regions of Bulgaria. The total built-up area of these sites is 350 000 sq. metres.

The buildings constructed by KRIT stand out thanks to their unique style, futuristic architecture and elegance. Our clients receive what they deserve – guaranteed safety and high quality of life. The full support and trust of our clients is the best indicator of the good job we have been doing.

To guarantee optimal quality of our buildings and to make sure that they will be completed on time, the company has developed its own material and supply base. This base includes transportation machinery, equipment, shuttering, scaffolds, which allows us to work without any limitations on any project coming from the studios of leading project designers and designer teams.

KRIT aims at providing our clients with all the comfort they need in order to turn their life and work into a real pleasure. The company team is willing to continue creating emblematic buildings, to offer cosy homes and functional business environment to more and more people in Bulgaria.

KRIT does what we can do best – build!

Mission and goals

KRIT Ltd is the builder  of and investor in many projects with different functional purposes like luxurious residence buildings, closed type complexes, holiday homes, multifunctional buildings, administrative centres, cafes and restaurants, children playgrounds, etc., which have been nominated for awards in various competitions.

In general, the company is specialized in the implementation of exclusive projects, with specifically chosen locations, providing comfort and impressive appearance to those living and working there. In addition to the high-quality and timely completion of the buildings themselves, KRIT also takes care of the development of infrastructure and landscaping in the areas surrounding our sites.

For one of our projects we have concluded a contract with the Metropolitan for the construction of a connection between Metro station 14 in residential complex Mladost and the building constructed by the company in close proximity to the station, so that residents have an easier access to public transport in their dynamic daily rounds.

In order to extend the life of our buildings as much as possible, the company also provides warranty and out of warranty maintenance, as well as the necessary regular checks.

In February 2008, KRIT Ltd was registered in the Central register of professional constructors at the Bulgarian Construction Chamber and completes construction works that fall in categories from first to fifth – high construction, infrastructural sites relating to the construction of street water, drainage and sewers systems, water purification plants, power substation posts and feeder cables /ВН, СН and НН/ related to energy-electronic communication networks, construction of heating- and gas-mains.

All construction works done by KRIT can be divided in the following categories:

  • Metal and reinforced concrete constructions;
  • Roof systems;
  • Façade systems;
  • Dry construction;
  • Hydro, Thermal and Sound insulation;
  • Flooring and facing;
  • Engineering-reinforcement works;
  • Building coating and repair works;
  • Pools and hydro-equipment;
  • Lifting equipment;
  • Electrical installations;
  • Structural cabling;
  • Measurement devices;
  • Water supply and sewerage;
  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning;
  • Machine-installation works;
  • Landscaping and planting.

The company’s philosophy is based on a few main principles:

High quality and safety of the implementation and careful selection of materials.
Correctness and trust in the relations with clients and partners.
Innovative thinking regarding architecture and function of projects.
Following traditions and experience regarding construction practices.
Motivating social policy toward the staff.